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Caroline: No disrespect but she’s a bit posh
Mac: Yeah, maybe she is but you know what? There’s nothing wrong with being ‘a bit posh’
Caroline: Not saying there is. I suppose I’m just thinking about my own experience with posh girls at college
Mac: Ohhhh yeah
Caroline: She doesn’t march about a bit too much…you know…with quite big strides and swinging her arms…..’Ra, ra, ra’, for instance?
Mac: For instance, no, she doesn’t do that, no.

Caroline: That’s good… So she doesn’t have a big snorty laugh but have no sense of humour or have unresolved sexual tensions with her father or a brother who works in the City or a friend called Poppy who’s an interior designer and always seems to be squeezing out babies and…and…she doesn’t covet an Aga or have a great aunt who agreed with Hitler or have friends in Wiltshire and she’s never stopped the car to have a wee in a bush….or……
Mac: No, she hasn’t, she has not, and she doesn’t…and she….and she…..no, no….
Caroline: Good
Mac: Fine

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